Sri Kulkarni

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Sri Kulkarni - TX22 Rep (D)

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $1,489,495

Cash on Hand ($): $365,943

% of the total DEM $ Raised: N/A

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Sri Kulkarni grew up in Houston and currently lives in Pearland Texas. He earned a BA in Linguistics from the University of Texas and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Kulkarni was commissioned as a foreign service officer by Secretary of State Colin Powell and served his country for 14 years, with overseas tours in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan and Jamaica. Kulkarni believes that greatest danger to our country today is not a foreign power, but the internal divisions in our society. He promises to push back against the tide of fear and to identify and defuse its sources by offering a positive vision for the future that all groups can believe in. In terms of the issues, Kulkarni is an advocate for a single payer healthcare system, which will bring down costs and ensure that no one suffers or dies simply because they cannot afford healthcare. A universal healthcare system must also include access to women’s reproductive health services, contraceptives, and vaccines. In terms of military policy, he believes that America must invest in greater cybersecurity. From hacking of our financial systems to interference in our elections, the US remains vulnerable to attacks online by malicious actors. On the subject of climate change, Kulkarni want to take action. He wants the US to remain the world leader in renewable energy, which will provide power and good jobs for middle class Americans. He insists upon evidence-based approaches to mitigating emissions, including innovations in land usage, agriculture, and waste disposal. In terms of gun violence, he believes that sensible gun safety laws and regulation of firearms, such as universal background checks, bans on assault weapons, restrictions on straw purchases, and required firearm insurance, can be implemented without infringing on the second amendment.  Sri Preston Kulkarni is a proven leader who has been serving his family, community, and country for his entire life. Sri will be a strong voice in Congress for returning to real Texas values, such as compassion, reason, and decency. He will fight to make sure that all the victims of Harvey get the relief they need, that no man, woman, or child in Texas’ 22nd district is without health care, that we prioritize scientific evidence over politics on addressing climate change, and that our inhumane criminal justice gets reformed. 

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