Thom Tillis

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Thom Tillis - North Carolina Senate (R)

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $7,076,751

Cash on Hand ($): $6,483,414

% of the total REP $ Raised: N/A

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Thom Tillis, a Republican, is running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. He describes himself as an advocate for North Carolina’s rich military tradition, veterans, and men and women in uniform. After high school, Tillis left home to get a job, because “he wasn’t wired to go to college." He eventually did attend Chattanooga State Community College and subsequently received a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland evening school. Prior to entering politics, he was a consultant at PriceWaterhouse. In 2006, he was elected to the North Carolina House. Under his leadership, the state house passed voter-identification legislation, which was struck down by an appeals court for unconstitutionally "target[ing] African Americans with almost surgical precision." Tillis was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2014. During the campaign, Tillis paid $30,000 to the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, which was later implicated for fraud in conjunction with Facebook. Tillis voted in favor of Trump’s “national emergency” declaration for the border wall with Mexico. He denies the reality of Climate Change and urged the President to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Tillis has an A+ rating from the NRA. and has received over $4,418,012 in NRA donations. In 2012, Tillis supported a constitutional amendment to define marriage as occurring between one man and one woman. Dissenting with Trump's ban on transgender individuals in the military, Tillis said "I would have significant objections to any proposal that calls for a specific group of American patriots currently serving in uniform to be removed from the military." Thom lives with his wife Susan in Huntersville and are the parents of two grown children.

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