John Cornyn

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John Cornyn - Texas Senate (R)

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $9,524,419

Cash on Hand ($): $12,885,497

% of the total REP $ Raised: N/A

Cash on Hand v. Opponent (%):


For John Cornyn, the first duty of government is to protect and defend individual liberty. He believes in a strong national defense and that government must not pick winners and losers in the marketplace but should ensure maximum opportunity for everyone. He favors low taxes, sensible regulation, and open markets. Cornyn is a graduate of Trinity University and St. Mary's University School of Law and received his LL.M. from the University of Virginia School of Law. Cornyn stands staunchly on the right. He has voted 96% of the time in line with Donald Trump. He has been endorsed by the NRA, the National Right to Life Committee, and the Independent Petroleum Association. He has been described as one of "Big Oil's ten favorite members of Congress" and has received more money from the oil and gas industry than all but six other members of Congress. Cornyn has had rocky relations with fellow politicians. On the day of Obama's inauguration, Cornyn planned to prevent Hillary Clinton from being confirmed as secretary of state by a unanimous floor vote. During the Kavanaugh hearings, he accused Democrats on the Judiciary Committee of descending into mob rule. Cornyn once remarked to Senator John McCain, “Wait a second here. I've been sitting in here for all of these negotiations and you just parachute in here on the last day. You're out of line." In 2019 he posted a quote from Mussolini to his Twitter account. John Cornyn and his wife, Sandy Hansen, have two daughters. Sandy is a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and the Austin Republican Women’s Club.

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