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“Most Blue for the Buck” Candidates

We’ll show you candidates whose wins will most dramatically impact the composition of the House and Senate, have the best shot of winning, and yet really need support to get over the line.

  1. Those that are either fighting to hold a democratic seat or running to oust an incumbent Republican . We are not highlighting any same party candidacies.
  2. Those who are running in “purple” districts or states. Purple is considered not extremely partisan-leaning in one direction or the other.
  3. Those who have enough demonstrated support and experience to be credible. Often, though not always, shown through the amount of donors and financial support they have received as well as their resume.
  4. Where money still matters. That is, candidates that don't have so much financial support and resources that your contributions will have a relatively larger impact.

You want a Congress that reflects your values. Let's build it.

Change starts by electing a Congress we respect. A Congress that is not purchased by corporations. A Congress that represents our values.

Eleanor herself!

Eleanor is Elect535’s Electoral Wizard

Eleanor filters and ranks races using key insights from race analysis to provide you a list of curated “most blue for the buck” candidates.

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